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Mensch with a Wrench

Handyman Repairs and Maintenance

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What is a `Mensch With A Wrench`?



Mensch With A Wrench is a handyman repair service that helps busy people, retired people and others keep up with house maintenance and repairs.


Mensch is a Yiddish word meaning, responsible caring person.


Wrench is a tool often used to fix things.


What Does the `Mensch With A Wrench` do?


How can the `Mensch With A Wrench` help you?


Moving In, Moving Out, Need a Change of View?

Install shelves, hang pictures and mirrors, mount Medicine Cabinets

Minor wall repairs, plastering and drywall

Small carpentry jobs


Something Broken, Something Leaking, Something Bothering You?

Install, replace and fix light switches, fixtures and lamps.

Add telephone extensions and door bells that can heard throughout your house or office.

Computer Network and Telephone Wiring,

Fix dripping faucets, leaking water problems, toilet problems and install new seats too!

Caulking/grouting around bathtubs sinks and tile.

Minor repairs to household appliances (disposals, food processors, dishwashers, etc.)

Does your dishwasher tip when you open the door? Even with a stone/granite counter top, we will fasten it securely!


Getting In and Looking Out

Door locks repaired

Window glass replaced, window sashes repaired

Loosen tight doors

Weather stripping to stop drafts.



We will set up and install all of your electronic equipment including sound systems, TVs, DVDs, VCR, computers and computer networks.

Along with setting up all of your electronic equipment, we will teach you how to use your VCR, computer, sound system and TV.


Consulting Services

You can call us and have another set of `eyes` to look at a problem area of your home or office and to review project plans. We’ll be glad to give you our advice.



`Mensch With A Wrench` Referral Service

If the `Mensch with a Wrench` cannot do the job, we offer a service to help you to find someone who will.




The Plumbing Song              by Weird Al Yankovic - Off The Deep End


Do you know this song?   Please contact us.

It contains the lines:


“Baby, call the MENSCH WITH THE monkey WRENCH

(Baby) He'll be there for you…”              


The Plumbing Song                (F. Farian/B. Nail/D. Warren/A. Yankovic)



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